Enscape™ Virtual Reality and Real-Time Rendering

Enscape™ Virtual Reality (VR) and Real-Time Rendering plugin for Revit, SketchUp, Rhino & ArchiCAD. 
With just one click, you can start Enscape and within seconds walk through your fully rendered project – no uploading to cloud or exporting to other programs required! All changes in the project are immediately available to evaluate in Enscape.

LET YOUR WORK BECOME ART: Enscape’s real-time rendering technology means your project will impress from every angle, even at different times of the day.
There is no need to carefully adjust your perspective before rendering, just start Enscape and fly to the spots you like. It’s fully dynamic and: A lot of fun!Enscape will make your life easier and delight your clients after seeing their project!
ONE CLICK TO VIRTUAL REALITY: Give your customers the VR experience as if your architecture is already built: With Oculus Rift / HTC VIVE and Enscape, a virtual walkthrough of your building is only one click away.

Stop explaining your drawings – dazzle people with your ideas and offer them a virtual reality experience of their architectural project.

SHARE YOUR WALKTHROUGH: Enscape usually runs alongside Revit or SketchUp, mirroring all changes in your construction through real-time rendering. Additionally, you can export the Enscape walkthrough as a stand-alone executable file to distribute to your clients or colleagues. They can explore your work and even change the time of day.

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