Component Finder sidebar & Custom component toolbars for FlexPack Pro

Component Finder sidebar & Custom component toolbars for FlexPack Pro. If you’re using FlexTools’ ComponentFinder, either as the stand alone free tool or together with FlexPack Pro, this update is for you! New Component Finder sidebar and Custom component toolbars.

What’s New in Component Finder sidebar & Custom component toolbars for FlexPack Pro?

New Navigation Bar

The new navigation bar on the left makes it easy to move between open tabs.


You can now drag the icons up and down to change the order of the folders.

FlexTo add new folders click on the new + button on the bottom of the sidebar.

For those of you who have the FlexPack Pro package, there is a separate icon pinned to the top of the sidebar, so now any of the default Flex components can be pulled in directly from ComponentFinder.

Access the default FlexPack Pro components directly from Compnent Finder

To save time, users are encouraged to customise the default Flex components and then save them in a new ComponentFinder folder.  If you’d like to pull them in from a toolbar… now you can do it!  You can create customised toolbars with components of your choice! 😃👇

Custom Component Toolbars

Imagine the toolbars you could make!  Your favourite car collections, trees, planters, people, light fixtures, appliances, chairs, tables, doors, windows…  All your favourite components just one click away!


From now on, any folder open in ComponentFinder can be turned into a toolbar by clicking on the ‘Create Toolbar’ button.


Component toolbars can be docked anywhere on the screen (top, bottom, left, right) and will stay in place from session to session until they’re closed – just like regular Sketchup toolbars.

📌 Note:  If you’ve created a components toolbar and then made changes to the components in the original folder – the toolbar will be updated with the correct components only after restarting Sketchup.

Create/Rename/Delete Folders

You can now create, rename or delete folders on your computer without leaving SketchUp.

To create a new folder, right click on the white space inside a tab where you want to see your new folder and choose ‘Create New Folder’.


If you want to rename or delete a folder, right click on it and choose the action.


Make sure you’re in Nav Mode to be able to see and browse through folders.

Performance and UI Improvements

Quite a few processes were optimized making component management faster and more convenient:

  • A cleaner user interface (flat UI, refined SVG icons),
  • Improved performance speed of folder tab operations like ordering, moving tabs up/down, closing, minimizing/maximizing etc.  (The improvement should be noticeable with folders that have many components in them),
  • Faster session restoration after restarting Sketchup,
  • Better handling of missing/invalid/read-only files,
  • Component finder will no longer get stuck on the ‘Loading’ screen.

FlexTools Bug Fixes and More Improvements

Lots of fixes and improvements, among them:

  • Sorting of components has been improved to use natural item ordering (case-independent and handles numbers as human beings would expect! 🤸‍♂).
  • Fixed an issue where components were displayed in the wrong folder when the name of one folder was a prefix of another.

See the full list of improvements and bug fixes in the FlexTools Release Notes 

Want to know how to update? FlexTools have put together a handy guide to help,  See here.

Overview of FlexTools for SketchUp

Architects and 3D artists use the FlexTools platform to generate SketchUp doors, windows and other architectural elements, with exceptional levels of speed and control.

Key Features

Scale components to fit precisely. All parameters and proportions are maintained.

Fully Parametric
Components are fully parametric, so making changes is fast and easy.  FlexTools fits perfectly into interactive design processes.

Total Customization
Every element of the components can be adjusted.  Explore new design alternatives in seconds.

Component Finder
Manage your local components library. Easily find and save the components you need.

Wall Cutter
Cut through multiple layered walls instantly with dynamic openings that re-adjust automatically – Any Sketchup component can be converted into a WallCutter!

Section Fills
Full compatibility with Sketchup 2018’s section fills.

One-click optimisation for 2D plans.

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