FREE Oculus Go when you buy Kubity Pro Annual Subscription

To mark our recent appointment as an Authorised Reseller for the brilliant Kubity Pro we’ve got a fantastic offer for the fastest out of the blocks. If you buy a Kubity PRO Annual Subscription today, we will send you a FREE Oculus Go headset – yes, you read that right! It’s a limited stock offer and won’t be around for long. 
Buy Kubity Pro Annual Subscription – Get your FREE Oculus Go Headset!
Why are we excited about Kubity Pro? Where do we start…..

Kubity Pro is a a tool for 3D collaboration, coordination and communication
Kubity PRO users can present 3D designs wherever they are, in real-time with their clients.
Bring together all teams and customers around a project — locally or remotely.
Instantly display a 3D SketchUp or Autodesk Revit model on any screen for designers, architects, salespeople and customers involved in the project.
Instantly share 3D models with anyone over text, social media, website embed, or device-to-device.
With Kubity Pro you synergise the real-world with digital information.
You can review and approve 3D designs by verifying interactions and solving feasibility issues before breaking ground.

Kubity AR allows the comparison of initial 3D project “as designed” with the project “as built”.
Clients or teams can discover models in 1:1 scale to understand or solve complex spatial dynamics.
Presentation Tool
All the important information at your fingertips, no matter where you are, with the full suite of mobile applications: Kubity AR, VR and Mirror.

Sync your mobile or tablet to a model with the Kubity Mirror companion app, then control the model from your device to give vivid presentations on a bigger screen.
Visualise 3D models from various angles and experiences in AR/VR:
— Kubity resolves interpretation errors by bringing 3D data off the screen into the real world where pros and their clients can intuitively interact and experience it.
— Visualize 3D models in unique rendering styles that fully communicate the design vision without compromising the original le (on the web, mobile or with immersive VR headsets).
Increase sales with AR
Kubity AR allows you to immerse yourself in the future architectural project directly onsite.

A simple and effective solution for upselling a project. With their smartphone or tablet, customers.
can immerse themselves in the project and validate choices quickly with an emotional element to tip the sale.
A new way to explore in total immersion with VR 

VR experiences make a lasting, unforgettable impression.
Virtual reality attracts and fascinates people of all ages and socio-professional categories. Nothing else makes a stronger impact than full immersion in a design.
Reduce time

Fast. Easy. Secure. 3D models can be eld-tested at any time, in a single click, without going through an intermediary or a complex transformation phase to be presented to the customer.
Security and Confidentiality

Kubity PRO allows you to share your project without sharing your .rvt or .skp le, in a completely secure environment. Users can explore the model without any risks of modifying or copying the original le. The model is encrypted and cannot be found on internet.
The owner of the model can choose to remove it from the Kubity servers at any time in a single click. Once a model has been deleted by the owner, it is no longer accessible by anyone, and is removed across all devices it had been shared with.
A password may be added to further secure access to the model, whether on the web or via the mobile apps.
Kubity Pro Educator, Kubity Pro Student and commercial annual subscription options are available here.


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