Last chance to buy SketchUp Perpetual Licenses

Your last chance to buy SketchUp Perpetual Licenses

Trimble have announced a big change to how customers will be able to purchase SketchUp. As of November 4, 2020, SketchUp will no longer sell Classic Perpetual Licenses and Maintenance & Support renewal plans.

SketchUp is transitioning to subscription-based products, which offer customers a range of options including a SketchUp Pro and Studio multi-year subscriptions. 

Time to consider the SketchUp Annual Subscription

Today, and going forward, you can subscribe for one, two or three years, skip a year, renew every year — it’s up to you. Whatever you choose, you’ll always have the latest version with the newest features, receive (more) frequent product updates, and get access to technical support. To top it off, a subscription to SketchUp means you’ll never have to think about losing access, renewing, or finding that authorisation code. Easy peasy. Only the Push/Pull tool is simpler. 

SketchUp is shifting to a cloud delivery model for a few reasons. With a subscription, customers can always receive regular updates and improvements to SketchUp products, access from multiple devices at any time and enjoy simplified deployment and management as well as access to technical support. 

If you aren’t ready to stop using your Classic Perpetual License, don’t worry. You’ll be able to continue using the latest version you own. In addition, if you’d like to update your Classic Perpetual License, you can do that until November 4th, 2020

Please be advised: if you purchase an updated Classic Perpetual License or renew your Maintenance & Support license prior to November 4, 2020, you will no longer be able to upgrade and access additional features every year as you have in the past. Our advice is to consider the subscription route now rather than later and to do that you can contact us now for the most cost-effective options available to Classic Perpetual users via Email or telephone +44 (0)1223 787272

We know you probably have questions, here are answers to the top three most frequently asked and a handy guide [Link will open in a new window] for more detailed information.

  • Can I continue to use my existing perpetual licenses? Yes, you will be able to use the latest version you own for as long as you want.
  • Can I continue to use and renew my Maintenance and Support plan for my existing perpetual license? Yes, until November 4, 2020. 
  • How will I be able to purchase SketchUp products after November 4 when perpetual licenses are no longer available? Via a subscription.

With the advent of subscriptions to the SketchUp family of products, this move was inevitable. Users of Classic Perpetual licenses keen on moving across to the subscription model can give us a call or drop us a line.

Cadsoft Solutions Limited providing SketchUp Solutions for your business

Cadsoft Solutions Limited is offering discounts for upfront multi-year subscriptions for customers who don’t want to worry about renewing for three years. You’ll receive all subsequent features updates and improvements during your multi-year subscription. All Cadsoft Solutions Limited UK customers will have access to our product team for full technical support, with new customers qualifying for one-hour internet based onboarding to help get you up and running or to answer any specific SketchUp queries. Onboarding can be scheduled directly on our website once SketchUp orders have been processed.

The scheduled change to SketchUp licensing should be a smooth transition. For all Cadsoft Solutions customers affected by these changes and with questions about what this means for you and your business, our team are here to help. Please contact us and we’ll be happy to help you understand these changes along with any other product questions you may have. Email or telephone +44 (0)1223 787272

It’s important to remember, November 4, 2020, is the deadline for purchasing SketchUp perpetual licenses and maintenance and support renewals. Mark this date in your calendar!

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