Create professional documents and presentations

LayOut – a part of the SketchUp Pro suite of applications – lets you combine your SketchUp models with text and 2D graphics to produce multi-page presentations, professional design documents and permit, construction and other dimensioned drawings.

Turn your models into drawings with LayOut 3
LayOut provides powerful dimensioning, drawing and page layout tools for creating working drawings and presentations from your SketchUp models. LayOut 3 also lets you export your drawings to any CAD program as DWG/DXF files.

Add dimensions, text and graphics
LayOut lets you create multi-page documents, add graphics like logos and title blocks, and save templates to lend consistency to your work. You can also assign different drawing scales to each of your SketchUp model views and dimension them without leaving LayOut — and without using a separate CAD tool.

Create a dynamic link between your models and drawings
Your LayOut file is dynamically linked to the SketchUp models it contains; any changes you make are automatically reflected in your document. Say goodbye to exporting a new set of images out of SketchUp every time your design evolves.

Use one document for both print and onscreen presentations
LayOut eliminates the redundancy in your workflow by letting you create a single document for print and screen presentation. You can make high-resolution prints, export PDFs for distribution and give your presentation as a full-screen slideshow – all from the same LayOut file.