V-Ray 3 for Cinema4D Workstation Commercial [Perpetual]

£680.00 + VAT [£816.00]

V-Ray 3 for Cinema4D Workstation Commercial [Perpetual]. Powerful Rendering for Cinema4D Artists

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Power: Built to handle your biggest projects and your toughest scenes — render anything and everything with the power of V-Ray.

Creative Control: V-Ray puts you in the driver’s seat. Take control with V-Ray’s versatile features and choose the best approach for your scenes.

Deep Cinema 4D Integration: V-Ray’s ultra-deep Cinema 4D integration keeps your workflow fluid, smooth and combines the best of both worlds.

Speed: Spend less time waiting and more time being creative. Deliver your best work and never miss a deadline.

Quality: V-Ray comes with all the lighting, shading and rendering tools you need to create professional, photo-real imagery and animation.

Industry Standard: Join independent artists and top studios across the globe using V-Ray daily to create world-class designs and visual effects.


GPU + CPU Rendering

Optimised CPU rendering in V-Ray for Cinema 4D provides all-new speeds, plus enjoy blazing-fast GPU rendering for previews and final-frame renders. V-Ray’s feature-full production toolset delivers high-quality, physically accurate images and animation.

Automatic Sampling

V-Ray’s automated sampling with variance-based adaptive ray-tracing offers dramatically improved workflow and eliminates the need for fine-tuning complex settings. Just choose the GI engine type, render time — and render! And enjoy the instant feedback via V-Ray’s progressive rendering.

Accurate Lighting & Global Illumination

V-Ray uses physically accurate ray tracing to precisely calculate lights and real-world reflected lights and global illumination. Choose from precise path tracing, approximate — or use a hybrid of both.

Physically Based Materials

V-Ray for Cinema 4D offers real-world and multi-layered BRDFs for the creation of physically accurate materials. V-Ray’s special BRFD materials give you access to all the tools you could need.

Physical Cameras

V-Ray’s real-world camera system lets artists work like photographers to achieve realistic depth-of-field and cinematic motion blur. You can also output to virtual reality with the VR 360 stereo camera.

New UV Manager & Triplanar

The new UV manager brings UV channels to Cinema 4D, allowing artists to use unlimited UVs per shader for complete UV-mapping control. Or, use Triplanar mapping for texturing without UVs.

Powerful Proxy Objects & Instancing

V-Ray Proxy objects replace complex scene geometry and load only at render time. And for added realism, you can add random material variations to V-Ray Proxy objects and render instances.

New Sky Models & Faster Volume Rendering

V-Ray offers several sky models for the realistic lighting of scenes — including Hosek sky with atmospheric haze. Volumetric environment fog now renders even faster to help you quickly generate clouds, volume lights and more

Maxon Hair, Fur & Grass Support

V-Ray for Cinema 4D supports Maxon Hair via V-Ray’s memory-efficient hair procedurals, as well as V-RayFur. The V-Ray Hair BRDF also provides physically accurate hair shading for great-looking results.

New Vfb: Lut Control, Denoiser & Lens Effects

The advanced V-Ray Frame Buffer offers high-level tools including color correction, exposure, white balance, LUT support, V-Ray Lens Effects and the VRayDenoiser, and is available on both Windows and MacOS.

Real-Time Clipper & Render-Time Booleans

V-Ray boasts a real-time clipper allowing you to cut geometry — even proxies, multiple times — and offers an option to use custom geometry for Booleans. Architectural section renderings are now a breeze!

Extended Render Elements & Id Passes

V-Ray offers an extensive set of render elements and object/material ID selection channels via its multipass feature for professional post-production pipelines. Rendering lights on separate layers is also supported.

V-Ray Distributed Rendering

With V-Ray’s Distributed Rendering, you can use the power of multiple machines working together to render images even faster.