V-Ray 5 for SketchUp Student [Annual]


V-Ray 5 for SketchUp Student is an integral rendering solution for student users of SketchUp, enabling designers to experience their designs in real-time as they model and take them to photorealism without leaving SketchUp. V-Ray 5 for SketchUp Workstation Student is fully featured, commercial-grade V-Ray software, with a big discount! Unlimited access to new product releases for the duration of the license. Free technical support and access to Chaos Group’s educational resources. 

Professional rendering for Architects, Artists, Designers & Visualisers of the future. Take the first step towards a successful career in CGI with the industry standard renderer used by 92 of the top 100 architecture firms in the world. Proof of Full Time Educational Status Required. 

Student/educator/educational institution licenses can only be used for academic purposes, and should not be used for commercial work of any kind. Proof of status as a teacher/student/educational institution is required. You must be 18 years and older to enter into a license agreement. Student licenses must be ordered by the named user only.


Please upload a copy of your student identity card, letter of enrolment, council tax certificate, letter from your school, college or university or similar document as proof of your full time student status [Only 1 form of proof required]. For purchase by students who are over 18 years of age.*

(max file size 256 MB)

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V-Ray 5 for SketchUp Student [Annual]

V-Ray 5 for SketchUp is an integral rendering solution for student users of SketchUp, enabling you to experience designs in real-time as they model and take them to photorealism without leaving SketchUp. Preferred by many 3D artists, it is used by 95% of the top AEC firms worldwide and in countless films.

Unlike competitive products, V-Ray can use models from any source (like third party model companies), manage enormous complexity, illuminate with accuracy, and take users images to the highest quality. In addition V-Ray provides Academy Award winning quality and finishing tools that save from needing to use an additional post-processing program.

V-Ray 5 for SketchUp Student: Key benefits to users

Bringing designs to life. V-Ray for SketchUp offers a complete spectrum of visualisation with varying degrees of realism. From instant real-time to pixel-perfect photorealism, V-Ray for SketchUp lets users visualise their models in every way.

Real-time visualisation. With V-Ray Vision, users can visualise their designs in real-time while working in SketchUp. They can move around the model, apply materials, set up lights and cameras—all in a live real-time view. Artists can iterate designs faster and communicate the vision behind their project with peers or clients. And when they’re ready for photo quality renders, V-Ray is ready to go.

Photoreal rendering. With true-to-life lights, cameras, and materials, rendering with V-Ray is as real as it gets. For any project, users can see exactly how it will look. It’s as close as it comes to the real thing before it’s built.

Tools beyond rendering. V-Ray 5 lets users do more in their renderer than ever before. They can adjust light in their scenes after they have finished rendering. And go beyond rendering as they fine-tune and finish images without needing a separate app.

Easy to get started. V-Ray comes with hundreds of ready-to-render materials and tools like the Light Gen that automatically generates lighting for the user’s scene, making it easy for users to visualise their designs and communicate them effectively.

Using existing V-Ray work. Users can leverage V-Ray work done in other 3D tools like 3ds Max, Rhino or Revit for render-ready assets and reusable materials. And there is V-Ray’s vast community and resources to guide them through their experience.

Handles the toughest scenes. V-Ray is built to handle the biggest projects and scenes with massive geometry and thousands of lights. Users can render anything and everything with V-Ray.

V-Ray 5 for SketchUp for Student, what’s new?

From real-time to photoreal rendering.

Real-time comes to V-Ray. V-Ray 5 for SketchUp gives users the creative freedom to refine, iterate designs in real-time and create beautiful scenes easily and more efficiently. It brings real-time visualisation, ability to light scenes automatically and powerful post-processing features that save time and let users go beyond just rendering.

Why choose V-Ray 5 for SketchUp?

V-Ray 5 helps student artists, architects and designers to:

Visualise designs in real real-time

Explore endless lighting variations automatically with the Light Gen

Create multiple lighting scenarios from a single render without re-rendering

Post-process renders directly in V-Ray

Make materials look more realistic with new randomness controls

Save time with the improved and more-efficient material workflow

Add more variety to your scenes through new material layers

Extend magic hour with the new sun and sky system


V-Ray 5 for SketchUp Student Key Features

Visualise designs in real-time. Now with *V-Ray Vision, you can visualise your designs in real-time while you work in SketchUp. Move around your model, apply materials, set up lights and cameras—all in a live real-time view of your scene. And when you’re ready for photo quality renders, V-Ray is ready to go.

Lighting made easy. Adjust the lights in your scene even after you render. With Light Mix, once your scene is rendered, you can interactively adjust the brightness and colour of any light without having to render again.

Add randomness for realism. To create more realistic materials, we’ve added new tools that randomise textures and colours. The VRayUVWRandomiser lets you randomise texture coordinates and includes Stochastic Tiling that automatically fixes repeating textures. Built-in controls have also been added to the VRayMultiSubTex material to randomise colours.

Improved Sun and Sky model. Render your scene at the perfect light of magic hour. The Improved Sun & Sky model is more accurate, with a better looking sunrise and sunset, even as the sun dips below the horizon.

Optimised V-Ray Core. V-Ray 5 is our fastest and best rendering experience yet.

New software architecture. Much faster scene loading and scene export thanks to the newly refactored V-Ray backend.

See your designs in their best light. Light Gen is a new V-Ray tool that automatically generates thumbnails of your SketchUp scene in a number of environment lighting scenarios. Choose your favourite look and you’re ready to render.

Post-process your renders right in V-Ray. V-Ray 5 features a new V-Ray Frame Buffer. With built-in compositing, you can make colour corrections, combine render elements and save them as presets to be used in future—all without needing another app.

New layered V-Ray material. The V-Ray Material now includes built-in Coat and Sheen layers. Coat makes it easy to create materials with reflective coatings like varnished wood, and Sheen makes it easy to create fabrics like silk, satin, and velvet.

Improved contour rendering. The global Contours control gives you more control over linework, making it easier than ever to give your renders an illustrative look.

Dirt and weathering. Give your SketchUp models a weathered look with the improved V-Ray Dirt texture. Add dirt and streaks anywhere—in corners or across entire surfaces.

New documented API. For developers looking to create and connect tools with V-Ray for SketchUp, we’ve added a new fully documented API to make it as easy as possible.

*V-Ray Vision for MacOS will be supported in an upcoming release.