viso3D Commercial

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The Viso3D SketchUp exporter plug-in will convert SketchUp geometry, textures and scenes to a .xcs file format. It now works on SketchUp 2016 Win/ Mac. It will also optionally, create a lightmap which will “bake” the SketchUp shadows, SU Podium point lights, spot lights and LEM lights into textures capturing the model’s lighting and shadows.
viso3D Commercial

Export your SketchUp model to view on your iPad using Viso3D’s SketchUp plug-in. Works on SketchUp 8/ 2013, Win/ Mac.
Add a lightmap while exporting to simulate SketchUp sunlight and shadows and indirect light.
View, navigate and explore your 3D SketchUp creation on an iPad. Download the Viso iPad viewer app from the iTunes app store for free.