Understanding Architectural Details 1_Residential Construction

Understanding Architectural Details 1

Residential Construction

The ebook includes around 300 pages of explanation and details on the following areas:

  • Functional Requirements
  • Masonry Construction
  • Timber Frame Construction
  • Foundations
  • Floors
  • Walls
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Roofs
  • Notes on the Building Regulations

PLUS new to this third edition:

  • Detailing Principles
  • Materials
  • Steel Frame
  • SIPS
  • Green Roof

We look at the principles behind construction detailing, and delve deep into each area of the building to make sure you have a full understanding of the construction design.

Even better than this, you can download all of the details in dwg and skp – and this is where the book really comes into its own. You can explore and rotate around each detail in 3d. You can pull it apart to really see what is going on in the construction. The ebook brings 2d details to life, and allows the reader to compare the 2d with the 3d to get a full understanding.

There are over 150 2D details, with U-value information and clear labelling. There are over 150 3D details, which clearly demonstrate the construction of the detail and help you to really understand the build up.