SharkCAD Pro

SharkCAD Pro v10 

3D Modelling & Design Software for Professionals

With SharkCAD Pro (formerly Shark FX) at your fingertips, professional 3D files can be created accurately and fabricated easily, at a fraction of the cost of comparable premiere CAD programs. Beautifully render prototypes, architectural plans, woodworking projects, and anything else that requires high-end visuals. SharkCAD Pro is perfect for engineers, drafters, artists, mad scientists, and anyone else looking to turn a concept into reality.

  • Powerful Subdivision to NURB editing tools that allow you to combine mesh and traditional
  • solid modeling in one environment
  • Flexible license that allows you to install the program on multiple machines
  • Robust Architectural and Woodworking tools
  • Supports 25 file formats including SAT, IGES, STEP, STL, OBJ, VRML, and DXF/DWG
  • Advanced rendering capabilities to examine files and projects before sending them to a printer or fabricator
  • Extensive drawing capabilities like the LogiCursor™ that thinks as you draw precisely guiding your mouse and cursor in both
  • the 2D and 3D space
  • Powerful 2D and 3D editing tools for intuitive workflows (blending, chamfering, shelling, text, dimensions, 3D to 2D drawing generation tools, bill of materials).


SharkCAD Pro includes a powerful set of 3D design tools for curve, surface, solid, and mesh modeling.

  • Associative NURBS-based surface modelling
    with skins, covers, and nets
  • History Based/Feature Tree for Rapid Iterations
  • Direct face editing for designing independent of history tree
  • Constant and variable radius blending and chamfering
  • Twist, bend, boss, hole, boolean, and shell features
  • Mass properties and interference checking
  • Automatic 3D to 2D drawing generation
  • Rendering and animation
  • 3D Printing tools to verify designs
  • KeyShot live linking support


SharkCAD Pro includes tools to speed up woodworking designs. You can quickly create otherwise tedious joints such as Dado joints and miter joints. The furniture that you design might just be for your new house or office. The plans for those buildings can be created with SharkCAD Pro as well as 3D views.

  • Woodworking Joints: Rabbet, Mitre Joints, and Dovetails
  • Woodworking Dado Joints inc options for Through, Stopped, Blind
  • Woodworking Tongue & Groove
  • Architectural Wall Tools
  • Composite Walls to Show Materials
  • Parametric Doors and Windows
  • Instant 3D Walls, Roofs, and Floor Slabs