SharkCAD v10 – Professional 2D and 3D CAD Software

From concept through production, SharkCAD’s (formerly Shark LT) state-of-the-art technology, innovative user interface, and extensive data translators will help you get your designs created faster and more efficiently.

Experience the precision, ease of use, power of design and complete advantage of using SharkCAD for your next product design, all provided to you at a lower cost than other precision mesh, surface, and solid modelling CAD programs.

Key Features

  • Advanced 2D and 3D tools to perform surface and solid modeling
  • Intuitive NURB surface features using over 17 construction methods
  • Precision meshsurface, and solid modeling tools to easily create complex shapes and designs
  • Architectural and woodworking tools made for professionals and hobbyists alike
  • Automatic 3D to 2D drawing generation
  • Model to Sheet (3D to 2D) tool creates precise curves
  • Flexible license that allows you to install program on multiple machines

What’s New

  • Enhanced usability for 3D modeling (customize, gripper, selections)
  • New tools for makers and DIY creators (3D print tools, mesh subdivision tools, Snap to Solid)
  • More ways to share data (3D PDF, KeyShot Live Linking, SketchUp™ Import/Export, SAB)
  • Improved performance (multithreaded and 64 bit optimizations)
  • Improved visualization (faster 3D displays, transparent sizable cutting planes)
  • Printing tools to prepare and validate designs to be 3D printer ready
  • New and improved Draw Views and Bill of Materials

Woodworking & Architectural Tools

SharkCAD includes tools to speed up woodworking designs. You can quickly create otherwise tedious joints such as Dado joints and miter joints. The furniture that you design might just be for your new house or office! The plans for those buildings can be created with SharkCAD as well as 3D views.

  • Woodworking Joints: Rabbet, Miter Joints, and Dovetails
  • Woodworking Dado Joints including options for Through, Stopped, or Blind
  • Woodworking Tongue & Groove
  • Architectural Wall Tools
  • Composite Walls to Show Materials
  • Parametric Doors and Windows
  • Instant 3D walls, Roofs, and Floor Slabs

Solid 3D Modelling with SharkCAD

Create solids from a diverse collection of tools that include primitives, profiles, or features. Edit solids using associativity, parameters, history tree or direct editing. Create a solid from collections of curves by extruding, sweeping, or lathing.