ViaCAD Pro

ViaCAD Pro v10 – Advanced CAD Design Software: 3D Modeling, Prototyping, and Photorealistic Rendering

Designed with professionals in mind, ViaCAD Pro delivers the flexibility of mesh-based modeling to help you go quickly from idea to 3D concept. The power of ViaCAD’s precision solid modeling and drafting toolsets make it perfect for designing objects and parts, manufacturing, and prototyping projects.

The addition of mesh-based modelling coupled with subdivision technology makes creating 3D conceptual drawings a snap. And it contains all the great features of ViaCAD 2D/3D, so working in the 2D space is incredibly intuitive and efficient.


Key Features

  • Design complex organic shapes with extensive NURB surface modeling tools
  • Subdivision technology to refine meshes and go from coarse to smooth surfaces
  • Integrated Photo Realistic Rendering and support for Keyshot Live Linking
  • Push/Pull Modeling delivers intuitive editing of your 3D models, allowing 3D surfaces to be edited with your mouse and cursor
  • Powerful 3D editing tools such as blending, chamfering, and shelling
  • Robust Architectural and Woodworking tools (such as rabbet, miter and dovetail joints, and pocket holes)
  • Extensive2D drafting tools (text, dimensions, 3D to 2D drawing generation tools, bill of materials)
  • LogiCursor™ allows drawing precisely with your mouse and cursor in both 2D and 3D. It thinks as you draw

Some of the design projects for ViaCAD Pro:

  • Product and Packaging design
  • DIY manufacturing –create precision models and export to CNC machines.
  • Furniture and cabinet design
  • Use more sophisticated editing to compliment rendering and animation packages.
  • Prototyping with 3D printers
  • 2D drafting, diagraming and schematic drawings
  •  Marketing images for designs with photorealistic rendering

Just some of the types of drawings you can tackle with ViaCAD

  • 3D models for prototyping with 3D printers
  • Mechanical parts
  • DIY projects: 3D models of furniture and work benches
  • Architectural drawings for drafting documents, room layouts and 3d visualization
  • Inventions: Easily create 3D models of your concepts
  • Educational: Drawings and 3D models for science fairs
  • 3D Models shared at the office
  • Objects for use in game development studios

ViaCAD Pro makes it easy to go from idea to design

The wide selection of tools provided in ViaCAD Pro means the right tool for the task is just a mouse click away:

  • Multiple Viewports provide 2, 3 even 4 views of the same design and allows drawing between them.  Watch how your editing affects the overall project by viewing at different angles all at once.
  • Customizable Grids make drawing patterns of objects quick and easy.
  • The LogiCursor and Gripper provide precision drawing and editing with your mouse.
  • Unlimited Undo
  • 80 minutes of training videos included

Prototyping and Collaborating

ViaCAD Pro is a precise 3D modeling tool that can be used for manufacturing designs as well as 3D Printer prototypes.

ViaCAD is built with professional level technology providing speed, precision, and compatibility. Compatibility with AutoCAD® 2017 and other products means you can share your designs with others. Using ACIS®-based geometry means you are creating with the same technology used by others using software costing thousands of dollars.

  • Includes 19 file formats to share your designs
  • Compatible with AutoCAD® 2017 DXF/DWG
  • Includes STL export for 3D Printing
  • KeyShot Live Linking
  • SketchUp