SketchUp Pro

SketchUp Pro is 3D modelling software for professionals.

Using 3D models, designers can make more informed decisions, communicate project details, and share ideas with colleagues and customers to reach a common goal.Start by drawing lines and shapes. Push and pull surfaces to turn them into 3D forms. Stretch, copy, rotate and paint to make anything you like. SketchUp is easy and intuitive, allowing anyone to model in 3D quickly and accurately. 

Turn models into documents

At some point in most 3D projects, you’ll need to turn your model into a drawing set that gets the point across. LayOut in SketchUp Pro lets you add model views to pages, choose drawing scales, adjust line weights, and add dimensions, callouts, and graphics. Make a change to your SketchUp model, and find it reflected automatically in LayOut. And when it’s time, export pages as PDFs, images and CAD files.

Find a 3D model of anything

Why model everything from scratch? Whether it’s a chair for the room you’re designing or a rhino for your zoo, you’ll find anything you need in 3D Warehouse, the world’s biggest library of free 3D models. And anyone can use 3D Warehouse to store and share models. Upload your best work and become a SketchUp legend.

What's new in the latest version, SketchUp Pro 2018

Smarter Sections

Named Sections

Filled Section Cuts

Fast Sections

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Make Better Drawings

Scaled Vector Drawing

DWG Import

Drawing Better

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Make Better Drawings

Scaled Vector Drawing

DWG Import

Drawing Better

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Advanced Attributes

Aggregated Reports

IFC Import/Export

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SketchUp Plug-ins

SU Podium

You can make TRUE photo-realistic rendering of your SketchUp model without the pain and frustration of learning a complex program. Podium runs completely inside SketchUp from start to finish.

V-Ray for SketchUp

V-Ray 3.6 for SketchUp comes with all the lighting, shading and rendering tools you need to create professional photo-real imagery and animations.

SU Animate

SU Animate is a animation plug-in for SketchUp Pro. SU Animate will create “key frame” like animations where SketchUp objects move along a path or walk thru type animations where the camera moves along a path.

Shaderlight 2014 Educational


Shaderlight provides the tools needed to a take any SketchUp scene to the next level with minimum fuss. Simple and affordable, Shaderlight is fully integrated in to SketchUp. Its interactive workflow lets you see your image ‘develop’ on screen as you continue to work.

Mind Sight Studios

Lightspeed modelling of smart building materials. Profile Builder 2 takes parametric modelling to the next level. Artisan features powerful organic modelling tools. Powerful boolean operations with BoolTools2. DoubleCut2, PlaceMaker and Mind Sight Studio Bundle complete a suite of powerful SketchUp plug-ins.

1001bit Tools Pro

1001bit Tools Pro performs architectural tasks with the minimum of effort. Create 3d models of staircases, spiral staircases, escalators, walls, doors and windows, and even self-generated roof rafters, by simply keying in the parameters and dimensions.

Thea for SketchUp

Thea for SketchUp is a combination of powerful rendering engines of Thea with the simplicity of SketchUp. Having biased, unbiased and interactive render modes including GPU support at your fingertips, inside SketchUp view, is a joyful experience. 


SimLab Soft

SimLab Plug-Ins for SketchUp are the right option for users who are looking for a specific feature to complete their available SketchUp tools. Add everything from new import and export functionality to 3D PDF creation and more.


The professional cross-section tool for everyone. Skalp for SketchUp is an incredibly powerful and advanced tool that creates simple, filled section cuts, or even full-blown sections with different patterns for every material, all within a few clicks. Designing with SketchUp will never be the same again.