The interactive rendering plug-in for architects, designers and 3D modellers


Looks and feels just like SketchUp
Shaderlight is fully integrated into SketchUp so you’ll immediately feel right at home. A simple 5 button tool bar leads you to simple tools that will transform your concepts from SketchUp model to finished Shaderlight render.

Watch your image develop as you work
Shaderlight works interactively with Google SketchUp so you can continue to refine your image as it renders. Design decisions can be made immediately so there’s no wasted time waiting for renders to finish before making a change.

Fast and efficient modelling
The new Replace Me feature lest you render detailed models without filling your SketchUp scene with geometry. Choose or create your 2D Replace Me model and then render in glorious 3D with Shaderlight.

Simply render photoreal results
Shaderlight takes the science out of rendering so you can focus on creating better images. Give your renders a real-world finish by adding realistic lighting and accurate materials and textures to your 3d model in a few simple clicks.

[box]Light fixture library
In the latest update to Shaderlight v2.1, users will have access to a library of real world light fixtures. Embedded in each SketchUp model is the IES lighting information from the manufacturer so that when rendered with Shaderlight Pro they illuminate a scene as they would be in the real world.[/box]

Animate your SketchUp scenes
Shaderlight now gives you the ability to create photorealistic animations direct from SketchUp., A new button accesses a simple interface to render your SketchUp scenes as individual frames. Only available in Shaderlight Pro v2, the new animation feature will really set your presentations apart.  Find out how to use this new feature by watching the video below.

Shaderlight is the second generation of integrated rendering for SketchUp and is far superior to the others. The ability to produce so many renderings of great quality means I will be using it to complete client projects for a long time – Daniel Tal, RLA, ASLA