SU Animate

SU Animate: Keyframe and path animation in SketchUp

SU Animate is a non photo-realistic animation plugin for SketchUp 8, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 Windows or Mac.

This application works inside SketchUp and automatically creates scenes that you can play as an animation in SketchUp or export to an AVI or MOV video file. SU Animate will create “frame” like animations where SketchUp objects move along a path or walk-thru type animations where the camera moves along a path while focused on one or more targets.

Object Animation in SketchUp: Create object animations of your SketchUp model to show motions of groups and components. The motion can be a simple movement of a single object such as a crane rotating. The animation can be comlex such as a single group moving in two directions, such as a crane rising vertically while rotating. You can also create an assembly of motions such as a step by step assembly of furniture.

Camera Animation to create walk thrus: Use motion paths or keyframes to animate the SketchUp camera and create a fly-through animation of your scene. Camera animation from SU Animate can easily be sent to Podium Walker or SU Walk, for more realistic rendering.

Key frames for objects and camera animations in SketchUp: Set your keyframes and let SU Animate do the heavy lifting. SU Animate can interpolate motion between keyframes to produce smooth, fluid animation with very little work. For example—to animate an opening door, simply set a keyframe with the door closed, and a second keyframe with the door open and SU Animate will calculate the position of the door for all frames in between. Animating in SketchUp has never been so easy.

Layer animation to capture time: Set keyframes on different layers to illustrate the passage of time—show the construction progress at a building site, or the phased timeline of a planned development. Demonstrate the assembly of a piece of furniture, or the manufacturing steps for a design project.

Use motion paths to animate complex motion: SU Animate provides easy to use circle, arc, and spiral motion paths that can be applied to objects and cameras in your model, or combined for complex object animation.