What is Evolve?

Enhance your design experience. Invent. Explore. Perfect. Develop and visualise product concepts without the limitations of traditional software. With automated construction history management, solidThinking enables rapid development of design alternatives to discover new design opportunities, explore form and innovate upon existing designs. solidThinking’s unmatched flexibility and streamlined designer’s desktop environment speed workflow and improve productivity – providing more creative time for designers to design.

Model in complete freedom. Choose the modelilng technique that best suits your needs. Surfaces or solids, NURBS or polygonal modelling, solidThinking implements them all and allows you to mix these techniques effortlessly.

Create stunning visualisations in a realistic environment. After creating your design, visualise it with diverse settings and lightings that accurately reproduce the real world. Quickly and easily generate photorealistic/artistic renderings or animations, HTML Web pages or QuickTime VR movies to prepare presentations that will “take your viewer’s breathe away.”

Work in an integrated environment with a top-quality rendering engine. You don’t need another 3D software to render your models. solidThinking delivers all the latest rendering techniques with one of the fastest and most reliable rendering engines available on the market today harnessed in an intuitive user interface. Modelling and rendering phases are seamlessly integrated. Third-party rendering engines are also supported. Photorealistic images can be easily created for business documents and multi-media applications, including sales and market research, that visually convey your product concept in a powerful way.

Exchange your projects with CAD and animation programs. Import/export plug-ins include IGES, DXF, 3DS, 3DStudio Max, DWG, Lightwave, Maya, RIB, SolidWorks, STEP, STL, VDA-FS and VRML.

Create your own libraries of models, materials and scenes. Build on previous designs and save time. The extensible libraries of models, materials and scenes let you create an unlimited archive of parts, assemblies, surface attributes and materials that can be easily retrieved, customised and used for development of new products.

Create your own plug-ins. Expand and extend core functionality. The solidThinking Plug-Ins Development Kit (PDK) contains documentation for developers and users who want to create their own modelling, I/O and rendering plug-ins. Included in the PDK are code samples that furnish a reference guide for programmers.

Compress the product-development cycle. Create and explore more ideas. Reduce the number of physical prototypes. Eliminate interpretation of design between designers and engineers. Speed and improve the quality of decision-making.

Reduce product-development costs. Decrease prototype development expenses. Eliminate flaws early in the product-development process by creating realistic, accurate 3D models and using design evaluation tools. Implement market research early in the process.