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What’s new in Podium Browser

New uploads include additional potted plants, new sofas and loveseats, interior ceiling and floor light fixtures, and two classic automobiles. Check out just some of the latest Podium Browser uploads available to users. Podium Browser contains thousands of render ready models and materials for SketchUp. Find the furniture, lights, appliances, decorations, plants, and materials you need to quickly bring your SketchUp models to life. Podium Browser is now fully included with a Podium V2.6 license.

Floor Lamps

Suspended Ceiling Lights




Indoor potted plants

Metrie crown moulding, baseboard, architrave, and casing profiles

Cadalog have also added four sets of Metrie finishing profiles so that you can easily add moulding and casing details to your interior designs. Simply move the profile shape into position, then push/pull to extend to the required length.

SU Podium Browser is now fully included with a V2.6 license.  Podium Browser is a growing library of over 20,000 render ready components that can be dropped into a SketchUp model and rendered without any additional setup.

  • Podium Browser is automatically installed with SU Podium and provides thousands of furniture items, light fixtures, high resolution textures, plants, trees, vehicles, and household components to use in your SKetchUp scenes.
  • Everything in the library is pre-configured with Podium material properties to that the items can be used in your designs without any additional setup time. The library includes dozens of furniture assemblies so that you can populate and visualise interior spaces faster than ever before, and of course everything is fully customisable so that you can modify anything to suit your specific needs.