Why Migrate to a SketchUp Pro subscription?

Why Migrate to a SketchUp Pro subscription? Back in June we reported that as of November 4, 2020, SketchUp will no longer sell Classic Perpetual Licenses and Maintenance & Support renewal plans.

This is the reason we are contacting Classic Perpetual customers to convert their old Classic licenses (as far back SketchUp Pro 2014).

Eligible perpetual license holders have the option to convert to a 1-year or 2-year SketchUp Pro subscription for up to a 60% discount. Here are some of the benefits of moving to subscription now:

SketchUp Pro Subscriptions will always be up to date
SketchUp is in the process of transitioning to a subscription model, so the classic perpetual licenses will soon be legacy (Nov 2020).

With subscription, you will have access to new features and releases as they launch.

SketchUp Pro Subscriptions contain additional Products

With a subscription, you have access to a larger suite of tools to enhance design workflows and additional capabilities delivered through Trimble’s cloud services.

Converting to the SketchUp Pro Subscription means the latest version, SketchUp Pro 2020 is yours to use as soon as your migration is completed.

What’s included in the SketchUp Pro Annual Subscription?

With a subscription, you have access to a larger suite of tools to enhance design workflows and additional capabilities delivered through Trimble’s cloud services.

You get SketchUp Pro 2020 for desktop, plus full use of:
● Trimble Connect with unlimited cloud storage
● SketchUp for Web premium
● Viewer apps for HoloLens, VR and Mobile

SketchUp Pro Subscription brings ease of Management – You are in control

When you subscribe, you will have a much simpler way of administrating SketchUp access for employees. Keeping track of multiple Classic licenses and not knowing who was using which license has always been a pain.

With subscriptions, there is an Admin dashboard (which does not exist for Classic licenses). This allows you to add or remove employee access, and add or reduce seats. You will always know who has access. If an employee leaves you, simply revoke access and reassign the
entitlement to someone else!

SketchUp Pro Subscriptions improve budgeting

Subscribing is a more flexible way to access SketchUp software, allowing for effective budgeting. Any new subscription you purchased during your one year term, will get co-termed to the exact same expiration day as the initial subscription(s) you purchase.

You will no longer have licenses with renewal dates throughout the year!

Predictable expenditure – One payment, on the same day each year, makes your SketchUp subscription really simple to budget for.

And remember…
If you migrate a single user license, you may still use your perpetual license (and install it on new devices if you have available activations).

Migrated network licenses deactivate after 30 days.

With a subscription, customers can always receive regular updates and improvements to SketchUp products, access from multiple devices at any time and enjoy simplified deployment and management as well as access to technical support (all our UK customers receive full technical support).

Migrating to the SketchUp Pro Annual Subscription makes sense for you and for your business. We have a conversion package available that is cost effective and will help get you up and running with the latest and best version of SketchUp. And don’t forget, we provide all our professional UK customers full technical support and product onboarding. As an Authorised Training Centre for SketchUp you can also book additional web based training packages that grow with you and your business.

Have any questions about converting your Classic license to a SketchUp Pro Subscription? Get in touch with our product specialists who can advise on costs and timeframes. We also have a handy and comprehensive guide that will help you with subscription management for Admins. Call us on +44 (0)1223 787272 or email info@cadsoftsolutions.co.uk

Migration offer subject to Terms & Conditions.

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